“The further we delve into autumn, the harder it’s becoming to get out of bed in the morning. So, in attempt to make leaving the house a little more manageable, we’ve got you gorgeous lot the jacket style which is soooo cosy, wearing it feels like you’re still snuggled up with your teddy bear! We’re talking about the Borg Jacket, also known as the ‘Teddy-bear Jacket’! Fast becoming an A/W18 ‘it’ thing! Not familiar with the term “borg?”Let us fill you in. Borg is a sheepskin-like material, similar to shearling. Its’s fluffy, thick, bumpy surface is soft to the touch and oh-so cosy. Although the fabric has been used as a lining for a long time, of late it’s been taken to the outside of coats and jackets, too!

The borg jacket began to gain momentum late last year, but this Autumn/Winter, it has BLOWN UP! Already a favourite amongst Fbloggers and Influencers, such as@alicecatherine (photo below), we know how huge this trend is about to be! From timeless neutrals to powder pink, we’ve got all you guys need to slay the trend this season, we’ve even got you an animal print version, which Scary Spice would be jealous of. That’s two HUGE trends in one coat. Hello Miss Fashionista!

So, how are we styling it? We’ve got our gorgeous girls, from a size 8 to a size 14, tripletting in our animal print additions, which we know you guys will go wild for!

Miriam (right) is dressed down, in the monochrome jacket, ripped jeans and a basic tank, teamed with some black knee highs for that casual, but rebellious rock and roll feel. Lauren (left) looks effortlessly chic by wearing the classic leopard print jacket over her top-to-toe black, figure hugging outfit; styled with sophisticated hair and gold accents in her accessories and boots, she’s got every occasion covered, from brunch date to cocktail-o’clock! It’s all naughty nineties vibes for Rachel (centre), in the snake skin print jacket, slung over a mini skirt, with stilettos, so she can channel her inner Kate Moss for night.




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